Friday Fictioneers: Tangled Web

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Tangled Web

Franck flicked a piece of lint from his gray blazer. “Fourth marriage, yah? Perhaps you’d like to see our new experimental fabric?” he asked, staring at Jolene down his well-designed nose.

She squirmed as the cartoonish snooty dress designer studied her, the price she’d pay for the best of the best. “Experimental fabric?” she replied. “Sure.”

“Yah? Then follow me.” Franck glided into a cavernous room scattered with large spools and draped with white, gauzy fabric.

“Looks like an abstract spider web,” Jolene murmured, gawking.

Franck nodded. “Precisely. With a dress spun of spider webs, Groom #4 will never get away.”


Friday Fictioneers is a compilation of writers from around the world who gather online weekly, guided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The challenge? To write a story in 100 words or less based on a new photo prompt.

Click HERE to read more stories in an online flash fiction anthology by the Friday Fictioneers.

Thank you, Roger Bultot for your very challenging photo prompt!

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26 Responses to Friday Fictioneers: Tangled Web

  1. Dale says:

    Oh dear… but what if it was HER that had to get away the three other times?

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  2. Ha ha ha ha. Hold him tight is her motto!

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  3. Martin Cororan says:

    And she can always eat him if she feels peckish…

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  4. Ha.. number 4 is a real catch then, and she can suck him dry.

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  5. Iain Kelly says:

    I feel sorry for groom 4 even though I haven’t met him yet, I’m not sure why…!

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  6. Sandra says:

    That made me grin. I don’t expect it did much for the bride though…

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  7. Jelli says:

    Giggles…that was a good one. hehe.

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  8. Dear Jan,

    You get a thinly veiled guffaw for this one. 😉 Franck’s quite the designing designer. Love it. Pardon my pun-tificalion. Love the story. So happy to have you among us. 😀



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  9. Ha ha ha great one, Jan. I love this. Love it. So simple. So funny. As Rochelle says, great to have you spinning amongst us.

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    • Jan Vanek says:

      LOL! Spinning among us! Thanks, Kelvin. I’m enjoying being back, writing again–even if it’s only 100 words a week–and getting to read the other creative (and varied!) interpretations of the photo prompts!

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  10. What a witty tale you’ve woven! Excellent if not a little scary for someone that had a lucky escape a few years ago!

    Click to read my FriFic!


  11. Moon says:

    So much wit and humor in this lovely story.

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  12. rgayer55 says:

    Funny piece, Jan. I guess this makes the bride-to-be a spider. Ha!

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  13. granonine says:

    This is novel, indeed 🙂 Good writing.

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  14. Dan Bohn says:

    Groom #4 is getting into a sticky situation. Well done.


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