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Junk Yard Dog

Who are these humans milling about My Lady’s yard? And why are they touching her things? Someone picks up my favorite treasure—My Lady’s mirror! The one that once hung in her hallway, where every morning, she’d lean in to put … Continue reading

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Lightness of Being

Some found the thought unbearable and couldn’t bring themselves to do it, though like thousands of others, they’d traveled to this sacred place intending to release a burden. With trembling hands, one man attempted to place his smart phone on … Continue reading

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A Jar Full of Lighters

Out of cigarettes to smoke out of tissues to wipe away the tears a final swig of whisky to get him through the night then he was gone She came to gather his things and wondered about all the lighters … Continue reading

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“I hid a note in there.” She blushed. “What’d it say?” “Not telling. You’ll have to find it.” “I’m not sticking my hand in there,” she said, arms crossed. He snickered. “That’s ‘cause you’re chicken.” “Am not!” Her heart beat … Continue reading

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The Sound

As a child, she walked the shoreline, listening to waves lap against rocks as she stooped to study tiny tide pool worlds that breathed in and out with the waves. As a teen, she sailed the inlet, departing the harbor … Continue reading

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