Audible Mirror

Have you ever caught your reflection in a mirror and thought, “Huh? Is that really what I look like?” I think we’ve all had that lovely experience.

But what about an “audio mirror?” Have you ever caught the “reflection” of your voice and been surprised, either pleasantly or . . . NOT?

I had the opportunity to experience that kind “reflection” yesterday, as I listened (with some trepidation, I might add) to my interview with Dr. Paul Reeves on Dr. Paul’s Family Talk Radio.

Dr. Paul’s radio show on is full of comments on current events, interesting interviews and funny jokes. Now that I’ve been introduced, I look forward to listening!

And, I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with him. We talked about writing, art, music, social media, and grandkids (we’re both “expecting”!) Of course, we also talked about The Red Kimono, the internment of Japanese Americans, and my upcoming releases. (See? Lots to listen to!)

So, don’t get me wrong. The conversation was great. It was listening to it that I dreaded. In fact, I must admit, I hesitated to share the links to the broadcast until I heard what I sounded like. But, courage persevered and I shared them on Facebook in time for yesterday’s broadcast. Here’s a link to the podcast:

Please click on the following link to find other interviews:
(click on LISTEN LIVE on left side of page)

As I listened yesterday, a voice in the back of my head battled to be heard above my voice on the radio:

You sound like a little girl!

Too many “uhs!”

Why did you say that?

Why didn’t you say this?

What happened to everything you learned at Toastmasters?

But, as my rowdy jitters settled down, I actually began to enjoy listening, and the self-critical messages were replaced by:

Sometimes you sound like Mom.

I’m glad you said that.

The smile on your face comes out in your voice.

Hey, you really are a writer . . . so why aren’t you writing?

Your laughter reminds me of Mom’s laugh.

What a blessed life you have.

So, not only did I have a nice conversation with someone I’d never met before, I had the chance to reflect on my audio “reflection.”

Have you listened to yourself speak? What were your thoughts?

P.S. Anyone want to comment on what word I use too often? I’ve got one picked out, but I want to see if you pick it out, too. Or, maybe you’ll hear one (or  more) I didn’t hear.

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4 Responses to Audible Mirror

  1. rgayer55 says:

    It is odd listening to yourself on radio or a recording. I don’t understand why the voice sounds so different from what we’d expect. I love that you saw pieces of your mother in your vocal reflection.
    The reason we do better at Toastmasters is because we prepare based upon the script. With interviews or other impromptu speaking, there’s always going to be something that triggers the “Uh, ah, and oh,” response. Most listeners will never catch it.

    I’m glad you were able to stop being critical of yourself and actually listen. Your smile does come through when you speak and you have a beautiful voice. Nice post.


  2. Dear Jan,

    I’m trying this a third time. Hopefully it will show up. I’ve left two comments and neither of them were visible. Perhaps they’re in your spam folder.

    Having said that, I’ll say once more that I thoroughly enjoyed your interview. I’m familiar with the discomfort of hearing one’s own voice. It’s never how we hear it in our head, is it? I’ve been recording some of my flash fictions in Friday Fictioneers so I can get used to hearing mine.

    On a recent interview I noticed that the host said, “Um” more than I did. However if I said “Right!” one more time I was going to hang myself with my own tongue.

    I agree with Russell. You have a beautiful voice and your sweet smile was equally audible.




  3. I heard several things I wish had come out a bit differently, and left at least one train of thought unfinished. Well..I’m a writer. I write more succinctly than I speak. I’m happy to see times for reruns posted here. I’m shooting for the 10 a.m. (9 here) Wed. replay. By the way, you did a beautiful job of putting this on your blog, Jan. I did well to get the basics.


  4. I can’t listen right now, Jan, but I know all about not liking the way my voice sounds when I hear it outside my head. I’ve heard you speak and I thought your voice sounded lovely.



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