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Writer’s Block

writer’s block noun a usually temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with writing a story, novel, play, etc. I’ve experienced the miserable frozen stare at a blank screen, the write and re-write of the same … Continue reading

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Blue Eyes

My wife clutches my arm. “Look! There’s Maddie!” She points into the Great Hall from the balustrade, her eyes firing bolts of desperation. Maddie. The word steals a beat of my heart, even ten years later. “Where?” I ask, ninety-nine … Continue reading

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Stumped Blurry-eyed and half-awake, she sipped her coffee and stared at the photo, finding it interesting, yet troubling. Was this the one that would stump her? Her thoughts drifted like leaves tossed in a chill wind, her mind, a blank … Continue reading

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Heaven My boat drifts toward Berrisford Harbor, as waves lap gently against the hull. I squint to make out the oceanview penthouse I once shared with Pops and imagine him staring out the window. Sixty years since I last visited … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Dr. Paul About Creative Characterization

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Paul Reeves about one of my favorite topics–characterization. I shared some of the secrets I’ve learned from my characters and talked about the techniques I use to “coax” my characters to … Continue reading

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