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One Question – My Experiment

Recently, after a couple of Zoom conversations with my friend, Kathleen Rodgers, I thought it might be fun to record conversations with author friends about their thoughts on writing and their recent work or novels. (SEE OUR “CHAT” BELOW!) After … Continue reading

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Junk Yard Dog

Who are these humans milling about My Lady’s yard? And why are they touching her things? Someone picks up my favorite treasure—My Lady’s mirror! The one that once hung in her hallway, where every morning, she’d lean in to put … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

writer’s block noun a usually temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with writing a story, novel, play, etc. I’ve experienced the miserable frozen stare at a blank screen, the write and re-write of the same … Continue reading

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Blue Eyes

My wife clutches my arm. “Look! There’s Maddie!” She points into the Great Hall from the balustrade, her eyes firing bolts of desperation. Maddie. The word steals a beat of my heart, even ten years later. “Where?” I ask, ninety-nine … Continue reading

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Stumped Blurry-eyed and half-awake, she sipped her coffee and stared at the photo, finding it interesting, yet troubling. Was this the one that would stump her? Her thoughts drifted like leaves tossed in a chill wind, her mind, a blank … Continue reading

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