Monday Morning Mashup: 4/16/12

creative combination
or mixing of content

from different sources.

This week I have been working on Broken Dolls. Editing, editing, editing. I made a couple of significant plot changes to clarify a few things, and I am happy with how that turned out. Other than that, I continue to refine and polish. Will I ever come to believe it is “shiny” enough? I doubt it.

Here are my favorite links for the week:

Hurray!! Who among us has struggled with trying to find new, better and less boring ways of “walking” in our stories. Here’s a link by that comes to our rescue. Sixty, yes, that would be 6-0 synonyms for “walk.”

 # # #

On the blog, TerribleMinds, Chuck Wendig posted one of the best articles I’ve seen on “showing vs. telling,” stating there is a time and place for both. In his post, “What the Hell is ‘Show, Don’t Tell’“, his explanation was standout for me: Telling walks ahead of you. It pulls you along. Showing is the shadow behind. It urges you forward. What a unique and clear way to describe the difference between the two.

# # #

Now, if you’ll allow me a little promotion for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pen. This is a group that my writerly sisters (Linda Apple, Claire Croxton, Pamela Foster and Ruth Weeks) and I formed to support each other and other writers down the path to publication. Each week, we post our answers to a question that pertains to writing, not only to let the world know our thoughts, but for the rest of the world to share thoughts, too. This week’s question was on writing a scene. Come visit us and we can all support each other!

# # #

Just by speaking
I can break out of
my self-made prison.
                                                                                            –June Singer
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2 Responses to Monday Morning Mashup: 4/16/12

  1. Madison Woods says:

    I love Chuck Wendig, but omg he’s not for sensitive ears… or whatever you’d call the internet screening mechanism they use at companies for forbidden content, so I can’t read it at work. Great post from the Sisters, too 🙂


  2. janmorrill says:

    Thanks, Madison. I’m going to have to follow Chuck more. This was a great article he posted!


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