Walk in the Park

Yesterday, November 30, it was 73 degrees. Beautiful, sunny and windy, I still managed to grumble inside about being ready for cooler weather. When it does turn cold (like today) I’ll probably grumble that I’m ready for sunshine and warmth.

Anyway, yesterday was a  perfect day to go for a walk and test out my new Fitbit and iPhone 6+!

My Fitbit goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day. I walked 11,000 yesterday, 8,000 of which were at the park.

And how did the iPhone 6+ work? Here’s a sampling, along with some thoughts on (human) nature:

IMG_4483 IMG_4482

Seeing the thorns on these and other branches made me think about all the ways we protect our tender selves.





We came upon this group of trees, and I didn’t think too much about it until I noticed the exposed roots on the other side.






Then, I thought about how complex, even tangled, we are beneath the surface, about how little we know about someone. Beneath his skin. Behind those thorns.









Sometimes, that feels lonely.









Finally, I took these photos, grateful for the beautiful light cast by the warm, glorious sun.

IMG_4493 IMG_4492IMG_4495

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4 Responses to Walk in the Park

  1. Good morning, Jan, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m chuckling, though, as I’m getting ready to walk soon and it’s 7 with wind chill. 😉 Walking outside is a lovely way to start the day and my thoughts roam in the same way yours do. Trying to remember what I think or want to write about is sometimes the problem, but I love seeing nature everyday away from the crowds.



    • Jan Morrill says:

      I admire you, Janet. It’s 37 degrees here this morning and I doubt I’ll get out to walk, unless it’s at a mall. Too cold for Tommy! I know what you mean about trying to remember about what you thought about writing. 🙂


      • I’m just getting ready to head out and when I checked my weather app, it says 19, wind chill 5. Sigh! When I’m walking, I either try to remember my “important” thoughts by repeating them over and over in my head (the oral tradition) or I get out my phone and dictate them into my “Notes” app. The latter is more certain. 🙂

        Stay warm and have fun with Tommy.

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  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    A lady and her new toy! And wow, 10,000 steps! And 73F is to be thankful for last week, wasn’t it? Did you contemplate your sequel while walking? 😉


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