#Fictioneers #FlashFriday: Gone Dry

This week’s photo prompt by Madison Woods is highly appropriate for the thirst brought by the drought. I’m thankful for the rain that fell yesterday, but sure wouldn’t mind some more.

The photo, the drought — both begged sparsity. So, I wrote another haiku.

You’ll find a variety of excellent flash fiction based on this photograph by clicking here.

Turn the spigot on.

The vessel will empty if

not filled up again.

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45 Responses to #Fictioneers #FlashFriday: Gone Dry

  1. Russell says:

    It’s kind of like friendship. You can’t keep making withdrawls without making a deposit once in a while.

    mine’s here http://russellgayer.blogspot.com/


  2. Linda Joyce says:

    Love the Haiku. The drought in AR and the on-going flooding in Florida is unreal. We need a water pipeline in the US, like the oil one in AK.
    Stay hydrated.
    ~Linda Joyce


    • Jan Morrill says:

      Thank you, Linda. I’ve thought that very same thing, except my idea bordered on science fiction. With the imbalance of flooding and drought, if only someone could invent a way to transfer weather systems from one place to another. 🙂


  3. A great Haiku, Jan. And thank God for the rains. Again, thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comments on my blog.


  4. ron pruitt says:

    Hi Jan,
    The vessel was getting empty, but thankfully it was refilled a little yesterday. Nice haiku.


  5. That says a lot more than the few words it uses. You can’t just turn on the tap and leave it open, and not expect the vessel to go dry can you – unless there’s some refilling going on. Applies to relationships of all kinds, too.


  6. A few words packing a wallop. There comes a time when one needs to stop taking and taking and give back ,,, “pay it forward.” Nice.


  7. yaralwrites says:

    So true, so very true. I like the haiku.
    Here is my offering yaralwrites.com


  8. oldentimes says:

    Very good! Well said, Jan


  9. Dear Jan,

    Perfect picture for a Haiku and you did it justice. I was thinking much the same thought when I wrote my story for this week. In my case, the container is being filled but the faucet is open at the bottom and my MC is wondering why.

    Thanks for writing this beautiful poem.




  10. Kwadwo says:

    Beautiful 5-7-5 Haiku


  11. keliwright says:

    True that, Jan. An excellent reason to partcipate in a group, either online or in person. I usually leave feeling much fuller than when I arrived, even when involvement requires turning the spigot on. Thought of that way, your haiku reads equally well with almost opposite messages.


  12. You can get so many varied meanings out of this. Your few words can spark lots of thought.


  13. rochellewisoff says:

    beautiful haiku. Much said, little words.


  14. Nice. I love it when people pull off two layers of meaning the way you do here.


  15. Wonderful. You only get as good as you give. Loved this.


  16. Sandra says:

    Original take on the prompt. A timely reminder.


  17. SAM says:

    I’m a poetry fan, but I haven’t yet braved the haiku. Yours is beautifully written.
    I’m here: http://frommywriteside.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/the-thirst/


  18. Very appropriate for the weather we’re having. Wish someone would FILL ours!


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