Lickerish Twist

At the New Year, my husband and I decided that each of us would listen or watch for a new word each day. We would then present our new word, with definition, to each other during our nightly happy hour.

I particularly liked the word my husband presented tonight. Here’s how it went:

Stephen:  So, did you come up with your new word?
Jan:         Yes, did you?
Stephen:  Yep. You first.
Jan:         No, you go first.
Stephen:  Okay, lickerish.
Jan:         Licorice? That’s not a new word.
Stephen:  Yes, it is.
Jan:         No, it’s not.
Stephen: Yes, it is.
Jan:        Spell it, then.
Stephen: L-I-C-K
Jan:       THAT’s not how you spell licorice.
Stephen: Yes, it is. L-I-C-K-E-R-I-S-H

(Author note: Okay, this is where I didn’t want to play this game anymore. My husband was making up a spelling of a well-known word.)

Jan:         That’s not how you spell it.
Stephen:  Look it up.
Jan:         I’ll look it up on my cell phone –  lick·er·ish/ˈlɪkərɪʃ/
1. fond of and eager for choice food.
2. greedy; longing.
3. lustful; lecherous.

Jan:         It IS a word. I love that word! I’m going to write a story about that word.
Stephen:  What’s your word?
Jan:         Torpid.
Stephen: Torpid?
Jan:        Yep.
Stephen: What does that mean?  tor·pid/ˈtɔrpɪd/
1. inactive or sluggish.
2. slow; dull; apathetic; lethargic.
3. dormant, as a hibernating or estivating animal

Enough said.

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4 Responses to Lickerish Twist

  1. Patty says:

    OMG! That's hilarious. I laughed so loud, I startled the dogs! Score one for Stephen.


  2. LeAynne says:

    I'm still chuckling. Wonderfully fun post. Thanks.


  3. Greg Camp says:

    That's an old word–lickerish. Several wild women in The Canterbury Tales are called that. Good choice.


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