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Bad Apples

Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word “generalize,” and how often we do it? How it can affect us as a society? I’m sure we’ve always done it. But now, with social media, memes, 24/7 media, it … Continue reading

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I Believe Christine Blasey Ford, But…

…that’s not the (only) reason I think Brett Kavanaugh should not be our next Supreme Court Justice. I believe her. Not only because I found her credible, but why would anyone in her position risk EVERYTHING to bring the attempted … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Lost Opportunity

Tonight on Facebook, I’ve seen several people post that they’ve had enough of political posts. Some have said they’re sticking to cute animal videos. Some have said they’ll unfriend anyone who posts anything political. Some have said they’ll unfriend anyone … Continue reading

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Election Day Prayer

I, like a lot of people, am praying for our nation today. The Serenity Prayer gives me a sense of peace, even with so much anger surrounding the possible outcome of this election. God, give me grace to accept with … Continue reading

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The Morning After

Here’s one thing most of us have in common: We’ll be glad when this election is over. Here’s another: We’re worried about who will be our next president. But now that I’ve cast my early vote, it’s pretty much out … Continue reading

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