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Controlling My Inner Momzilla

Andrea is getting married in six days. Any Mom who’s helped her daughter plan a wedding will understand the diversity of feelings that have skipped and tripped through my heart over the last few days as we worked together on … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Old Friend

The story of love is hello and goodbye. ~~Jimi Hendrix I’ve had many relationships in my life that have come and gone, for a variety of reasons. Often, to overcome the sadness that often arrived with the end of the … Continue reading

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Coffee Contemplation #3: Puppy Dogs and Babies

I fell last night. Over a baby gate. Down, down, down I tumbled in the darkness, after stubbing my toe at the base of the gate. “WTF?” I thought to myself, though I didn’t use the acronym. “Oh, yeah. The … Continue reading

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This morning, I read a poem by Barbara Crooker titled “Ordinary Life.” It is one of many beautiful poems in Garrison Keillor’s Good Poems for Hard Times. Here’s an excerpt. The entire poem can be found on The Writer’s Almanac website. … Continue reading

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My Big But

I am the Kim Kardashian of big buts. I’m smiling as I imagine furrowed brows and crinkled noses: “She spelled ‘butt’ wrong.” But, I spelled it correctly, and as if staring at a reflection of a big butt, my ‘but’ … Continue reading

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