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Holding On, Letting Go

The past couple of weeks have been filled with the joys and heartaches of life–times that inspire the question, “Was the happiness worth the sadness that followed?” As with other times in my life when I’ve asked myself that question, … Continue reading

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The Happiest Place

Many of you don’t know that Steve is a beautiful writer. When he read the following journal entry to me last night, I asked him if I could post it on my blog. May 27, 2019 After a long day … Continue reading

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Something New: Day 5

What I did for Day 5 of my brilliant idea was relatively easy, maybe too easy as it has been through most of my life, but today was the first time it happened with Tommy. I said, “No.” In this first instance … Continue reading

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Something New: Day 4

For Day 4 of my brilliant idea, I am showing how stupid brave I am by posting a YouTube video of me singing to Tommy. First, a little history about my singing voice. My own mother once told me I sounded terrible … Continue reading

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Loving Life? Part 4

A few weeks ago, I began a series based on an article that was shared on Facebook titled, “10 Things That The People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently,” by Paul Hudson, originally posted on elitedaily.com. This article intrigued me because I do … Continue reading

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