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The Logical Reasons Behind My Emotional Vote

  First, I’ll give you some context by telling you I’m a lifelong Republican, though admittedly, upon learning this, many of my friends and family look at me aghast and reply, “No way. You’re not a Republican.” Next, I’ll confess that … Continue reading

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Coffee Contemplation #1

Now that I’m in my third week of my first 8-5 job in twelve years, I’m still trying to adjust to the collapse of free time I had in my pre-job life. One significant thing that has been greatly impacted is my … Continue reading

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Venusian Politics

With all the dancing cartwheels cheers fervor news about the Republicans taking over both houses of Congress, one important (and to me, surprising) bit of news was lost in the clamor: …a banner election year for women. Come January — when … Continue reading

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Are You Kidding Me? — “Working Moms”

This is when you know political oneupsmanship has gone too far. Last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Democratic Strategist Hilary Rosen, said, in rebuttal of Ann Romney saying women care about economic issues: “Guess what? She (Ann Romney) has never … Continue reading

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Are You Kidding Me?: The Canceled Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday, CNN’s Piers Morgan reported on an Easter egg hunt that had been canceled. Care to take a guess why? Bad weather? No. Bad economy? No. Egg shortage? No. So why was it cancelled?  Bad behavior by . . . the … Continue reading

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