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December 9, 2022

I missed Advent Calendar Day 8. So much for my perfect streak. (Though, I also missed Day 1. Haha! But in an effort to maintain a semblance of perfection, I played “catchup” on Day 2.) Today, however, in my decision … Continue reading

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Welcome to This Wabi Sabi World, Penelope

I was honored to get to spend a week with my daughter, Andrea, and her family in the days before and after the birth of their daughter, our granddaughter, Penelope Rose Miyoko. It was a beautiful experience, though yes, with … Continue reading

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Wabi Sabi Love

In the week that has passed since Andi’s and James’s wedding, I’ve had lots of time to reflect, to stare at all the beautiful pictures that evoke beautiful memories, to wish them every happiness and yes, as a mom, to … Continue reading

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The Wabi Sabi of August McLaughlin

“Sexuality, which is innate, includes your gender, sexual orientation and sex-related impulses and desires, how you relate intimately with yourself, others, and arguably, the world. It’s in your essence, your spirit, your soul. While you won’t discover everything you need … Continue reading

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Wabi Sabi for Writers

Wabi Sabi is a way of looking at the world with a kind of quiet insight; to find beauty, even in imperfection. More than any other writing book, Wabi Sabi for Writers by Richard R. Powell has given me a unique … Continue reading

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