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The Slippery Slope of Passivity and Prejudice

Memorial Day. A day we honor our fallen soldiers for their bravery and sacrifice. I tend to be a relatively passive person. I could attribute this to a philosophy of “Live and let live,” or “To each his own,” a belief that … Continue reading

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A Multi-dimensional Atticus?

When I first heard that Atticus Finch was a racist in Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman, I thought, “What? No way will I read the book then. I don’t care how anticipated its release.” I likened finding out this … Continue reading

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Ignorant Shame

I was a member of the Armijo Super Band in Fairfield, California for all four of my high school years. And though we were called “band freaks” by the “popular” kids of the day, I was proud of my membership … Continue reading

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"That Time of Day" #FridayFlash, #FridayFictioneers, #100words

Once again, Madison Woods has posted a beautiful photograph as a prompt for Flash Fiction Friday. I feel a little strange writing a dark, sad flash fiction for such a warm and bright photo. But I am in that kind … Continue reading

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The Help: A Multicultural Perspective

“Be curious, not judgemental.” I open this blog with the above quote from Walt Whitman, because it was out of my curiosity that this post was born. Several days ago, I happened upon a discussion of The Help on Facebook. … Continue reading

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