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Liminal Spaces

“Liminal” is a derivation of  the Latin word limens, which translated, means threshold. The Coronavirus has brought us to one of most visible thresholds I can recall in my life. There are some wonderful liminal spaces, like the moments before … Continue reading

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Home Alone

What are you doing with your time while at home during this pandemic? Working? Perusing social media? Watching the news? Reading? Binge-watching favorite series and movies? Since I’m not set up to work from home, I’m doing a little of … Continue reading

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Where Were You the Day We Ran Out of Toilet Paper?

I didn’t title this post to be clever or funny. After all, there are far greater worries today than running out of toilet paper. But it does seem to provide one of many visual representations of where we find ourselves … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers: Dreaded Words

“Wait ‘til your father gets home!” I’m not sure what I’ve done this time, but something tells me it has to do with the baseball I just hit. “How many times have I told you not to play ball so … Continue reading

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Celebration The delivery man stared at the patio set he’d put together as if daydreaming. Lost in my own contemplations, I murmured, “Perfect.” “Perfect for what?” he asked. Embarrassed he’d heard my musings, I replied, “A tea party.” He snickered. … Continue reading

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