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My New Writer Space

Do you ever get writer’s block? Of course you do. We all do. At least, I think we all do. Besides, telling myself that makes me feel a little better about my own writer’s block. Misery likes company, after all. … Continue reading

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Flooded With Moonlight

Unmoored in midnight water, No waves, no wind– The empty boat is Flooded with moonlight.                     —Dogen Though this quote by Dogen brings a note of peace, it arrived during a … Continue reading

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Swallowed by Ugly

Sometimes I think the world is being swallowed by ugliness. Bickering in Congress, so vitriolic they can’t seem to get anything done. Bullying so despicable it drives a person to take his own life. Nasty comments on the Internet. Constant … Continue reading

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Waiting for The Wish Book

Today I was Christmas shopping on the internet – so easy, so convenient, so fast. Yet, wonderful and efficient as this new technology makes gift-giving and wish list-making, I decided it lacks something. I can’t pinpoint what that something is, but today, … Continue reading

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