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The Slippery Slope of Passivity and Prejudice

Memorial Day. A day we honor our fallen soldiers for their bravery and sacrifice. I tend to be a relatively passive person. I could attribute this to a philosophy of “Live and let live,” or “To each his own,” a belief that … Continue reading

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Swallowed by Ugly

Sometimes I think the world is being swallowed by ugliness. Bickering in Congress, so vitriolic they can’t seem to get anything done. Bullying so despicable it drives a person to take his own life. Nasty comments on the Internet. Constant … Continue reading

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Synonyms for Hate

I hate crabgrass. But then, I also hate the word hate. So, that was my minor dilemma yesterday morning, as I clawed at the small, hard, rocky patch of crabgrass I intended to replace with flowers. I was not in … Continue reading

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