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It’s Time

I’ve been considering signing off of Facebook for several months now, for a variety of reasons. This has been a tough decision because it’s been my lifeline to friends and family since sometime in 2008. In the beginning, it was … Continue reading

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Boycotting Facebook

For some time now, I’ve been considering boycotting, perhaps leaving Facebook all together. I’ve seen other people on Facebook threaten to do the same. So, just as I did for Lent, I’m logging off and removing the app from my … Continue reading

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My Writerly Achilles Heel

My Facebook friend, Al Boudreau, posts daily questions to writers on Facebook. His question this morning was:Writers/Authors: We all have strengths and weaknesses in our writing. What are you most deft at, in terms of winning readers over to make … Continue reading

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Bring It On, 2012!

I’ve enjoyed reading end-of-the-year blogs that summarize 2011 and talk about hopes, resolutions and goals for 2012. In fact, I’ve been inspired to keep a resolution/goal journal to track (and focus on) my progress–or lack thereof. I know that in … Continue reading

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Swallowed by Ugly

Sometimes I think the world is being swallowed by ugliness. Bickering in Congress, so vitriolic they can’t seem to get anything done. Bullying so despicable it drives a person to take his own life. Nasty comments on the Internet. Constant … Continue reading

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