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Sachi’s Letter to Nobu

I’ve come to understand that my characters are like children. They want my undivided attention, and will only agree to “talk” to me if they get just that — undivided attention. So, when I finally sit myself down, open my … Continue reading

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Itchy Wah-wah

I hate to itch. Maybe that’s why I’ve always remembered a word one of my cousins created when he hated itching. Itchy wah-wah. I’m not sure what he meant by it. I even thought it was the Japanese word for … Continue reading

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Rohwer Whispers

When I first started writing Broken Dolls, I wasn’t aware there had been two relocation centers in southeast Arkansas. This discovery added new layers to my story which follows the lives of a Japanese-American family from 1941 to 1968. In … Continue reading

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