Oh, Christmas Tree

My friend, Judy, and I were complimenting each other’s trees the other night, and we got into a brief discussion of “tree styles.” I mentioned that I was tempted this year to go all gold or all silver, but that once again, I went with my sentimental “tree of life” theme, where I hang the ornaments I’ve collected over the years.

I used to have A LOT more ornaments, before I gave the ornaments collected through my kids’ childhoods to them.

Judy’s primary tree is the same “tree of life” theme, but she gave me the idea of having a “secondary” tree, with the “highly stylized” theme that tempted me this year. I might give that a try next year!

Here’s a smattering of my trees over the years:

And following are a few of my mom’s infamous trees. My siblings and I share many memories (and laughs) about my mom’s insistence that we place the tinsel “ONE STRAND AT A TIME.” She always loved flocked trees–something you don’t see much anymore.

And here’s a blast from the past: remember the oscillating lights we used to place on the floor next to the tree? Well, perhaps you didn’t partake of that 60s tradition.

No doubt we were smiling about a job well-done on the tree! (Like the “Mom” jeans?)

Happy Decorating to All!

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