One Question – With Guest, Linda Apple

Welcome to Episode 2 of my ever-changing series, “One Question.” My guest this month is my very good friend, Linda Apple, author of BOWWOW! Book of Winston’s Words of Wisdom, her latest book.

Linda and I chatted about writing and life, and as always, we had a good time. (A few sips of wine for me and bourbon for Linda probably didn’t hurt, but trust me, it was only a few sips!) So, I think you’ll enjoy getting to know a little about Linda and the background on her latest book.

We all have busy lives. If you don’t have time to sit down for a 30-minute interview, I’ve split this episode into three different segments:

“One Question” starts at 3:14

“A Reading” starts at 8:52

“After Show” starts at 18:48

After you watch the interview, head over to Amazon for a copy of BOWWOW! Book of Winston’s Words of Wisdom. It’s a fun book for children and adults with lessons from the wise Scottish Terrier, Winston!

By the way, Winston even has his own website:

If you’d like to know more about Linda and her other books, visit her website at:

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3 Responses to One Question – With Guest, Linda Apple

  1. Hi Jan (And Linda),

    That was fun. I watched from question to after show and it made me think how much I miss both of you. I seem to be a no-write drought at the moment, too…save Friday Fictioneers and few poems here and there. (The latest novel and some extenuating situations…) At any rate the interview was fun. I think my granddaughters might enjoy Winston.

    Shalom and bow-wow,


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  2. Linda Apple says:

    I miss you too sweet girl! I think those no-write times are for refilling your muse. Relax, observe, and rest. Before you know it, your writing will spark, then flame. 😉

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  3. Well, this is a hoot! Love Winston as an author – he’s topnotch. Felt happy watching this interview unfold.


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