Olfactory Time Machine

Have you ever had the unexpected arrival of a scent trigger a memory? Take you back to another time?

It’s 40 degrees and drizzly outside–not very conducive to grilling steaks. So, we decided to broil them inside instead.

As the steaks began to sizzle and the aroma of spices began to fill the kitchen, my memories took me to my mother’s house. When I was a young mother, working and raising my two children, I lived around the corner from my mom.

So many nights, she’d call and say, “Come over after work. I made dinner.”

I’d walk in, smell steaks on the broiler, and in the scent of those steaks, motherly love wrapped around me, especially at those times when I might have felt overwhelmed with motherhood or working, or both.

Of course, back then, I took it for granted.

But tonight, it made me miss my mom.


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1 Response to Olfactory Time Machine

  1. Linda Apple says:

    There is a store on 1st Street in Rogers that when I walked inside, the smell of the store sent me to my grandmother’s home. She has been gone for over twenty years, but immediately I became a little girl running through the house, looking at all her pretty things, and lazing on the floor at night listening to the grown ups talk. Tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t stop them, so I left. It is a darling store and I plan to go back now that I’m emotionally prepared. It is so strange how smells, aromas, scents, can send us in a vortex through time. I miss my grandmother too!

    Beautiful Jan…


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