Trees Through the Years

How fun to browse through years and years of photos for this history of family Christmas trees. Each picture brought back heartwarming memories. They’re happy memories, but they made me a little sad, too, for the loved ones who are no longer with us, for the realization of how quickly time passes.

Favorite “Tree” Memories:

  • Icicles – My mom loved icicles, and she always insisted we place them one strand at a time. We’d often toss a bunch onto the tree when she wasn’t looking, but of course, she always knew and made us do it over again.
  • Flocked vs. Natural – My mom always preferred flocked trees, and looking at these photos is a blast from the past, as we don’t often see flocked trees anymore.
  • Missing “Too Much” – I’ll admit, when my kids were young, the holidays were often stressful. There were seasons when I wished I didn’t have to help decorate my mom’s tree. Perhaps I hadn’t yet had time to decorate my own. What I wouldn’t give now to have another opportunity to decorate a tree with my mom. (However, I’m sure you’ll note a big difference between my mom’s big, glorious trees and my skinny, minimalist-by-comparison trees.) 🙂

I’ve got even older pictures in scrapbooks that I hope to scan during Advent, but that’ll have to wait for a weekend. 🙂

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