I Believe Christine Blasey Ford, But…

…that’s not the (only) reason I think Brett Kavanaugh should not be our next Supreme Court Justice.

I believe her. Not only because I found her credible, but why would anyone in her position risk EVERYTHING to bring the attempted rape by Kavanaugh to light?

How it came to light has been the Republicans’ greatest defense. But how it was leaked and the timing of the leak have nothing to do with whether or not it happened.

And I believe her.

Over and over again, Kavanaugh refused to agree to an FBI investigation.

I often wonder, “What would I do?”

If truly innocent of an accusation, I would adamantly insist that the claim be fully investigated.

Yet, over and over again, Kavanaugh refused.

Even if we can’t get beyond the “he said, she said,” even if we can’t get past the partisanship and even if we’ll never really know the truth, it was Kavanaugh’s BEHAVIOR during yesterday’s hearing that cemented my decision.

Most of all, highly-partisan.

I spent many years in Human Resources, and have interviewed dozens of people for job openings. If this process was truly a “job interview,” Kavanaugh failed miserably.

I learned, sometimes the hard way, that qualifications are not the only factor to consider in whether or not to hire a candidate. Attitude was every bit as important.

I agree this process was highly-partisan. I’ll even agree it’s POSSIBLE there was political gamesmanship going on.

But Kavanaugh is INTERVIEWING for a position that requires fair and unbiased thinking. Yesterday, Kavanaugh exhibited quite the opposite, on a day when he must have known he needed to demonstrate his best outward appearance, regardless of what he was feeling internally.

In my opinion, he failed.

Even before Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations came to light, I had concerns about Kavanaugh’s integrity. Strike One.

I believe her. Strike Two.

Kavanaugh showed his true colors in yesterday’s angry, partisan, entitled, spoiled brat response to her allegations. Strike Three.

His confirmation will lessen the Supreme Court.


(Note: I’m vacationing in San Diego without my laptop. I felt so strongly about this issue I typed it on my iPhone. This is my inaugural iPhone post. So please excuse any typos. 😊)

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4 Responses to I Believe Christine Blasey Ford, But…

  1. StuHN says:

    Echoing my thoughts 100%, Jan. His entire “show” just made him unqualified for the position. This is all party before the people of the country and whoever is funneling money into their accounts. Scum. They are all scum.

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  2. So well said, Jan. Thanks for this post!

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