Dancers and Dukers

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

See that window up there on the left? That’s the bedroom I shared with my sister.

Every day after school, we’d stop to watch boxers duking it out before we reluctantly trudged upstairs to do homework. I was always fascinated by the boxers’ fancy-stepped dancing—the weaving in and out that almost always saved them from the “hit.”

But, my sister loved the fight. She’d watch, studying wide-eyed and unblinking as a gloved-hand slammed into a scrunched-up face. Sometimes, her hand mimicked the boxer’s, swaying through the air, ready to duke it out.

Guess who had fewer black eyes?


Friday Fictioneers is a compilation of writers from around the world who gather online weekly, guided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The challenge? To write a story in 100 words or less based on a new photo prompt.

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Thank you for another great photo prompt, J. Hardy Carroll. It inspired me to write this little “creative non-fiction.” 🙂

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22 Responses to Dancers and Dukers

  1. neilmacdon says:

    I liked the two personality types you created here

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  2. Dear Jan,

    As always you are a master at characterization. In a few words I would know which sister was which. Good one.



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    • Jan Vanek says:

      I’m glad you “got” it, Rochelle. That morning, as I was leaving, Steve said, “Hope you don’t get any black eyes today.” I said, “Huh? I’m not the one getting the black eyes!” 🙂 So I wasn’t sure if that was clear. Thank you!


  3. Iain Kelly says:

    Excellent, there’s more than one way to win a fight 🙂

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  4. granonine says:

    The one who can bob and weave the best 🙂 Loved the characters.

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  5. pennygadd51 says:

    Good characterisation, and fluently written.

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  6. Alice Audrey says:

    Those who don’t want black eyes better stay out of the ring.

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  7. Dale says:

    I love the two different characters. So often the case in families, eh?

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  8. jillyfunnell says:

    Great witty take on the prompt. Very enjoyable to read.

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  9. Ouch. Doesn’t sound like a fair exchange.

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  10. Ha ha ha. A great story on perspectives.

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  11. Ah… the dancing is always the better option in my mind.


  12. Dan Bohn says:

    I loved the reality of Dancers and Dukers. When finished I had to scroll up and find the window up on the left. Dunno why,,,, I just did.


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