Celebrate National Poetry Month

Join me in writing a haiku each day to celebrate National Poetry Month! Every haiku enters you in a chance to win a copy of my book, Life: Haiku by Haiku.

Life: Haiku by Haiku

April is National Poetry Month! Poets.org lists “30 Ways to Celebrate.” My favorite on the list is:

Put a poem in a letter.

But, I modified it a bit. During the month of April, instead of putting a poem in a letter, I’ll write haiku every day on my blog.

As a reminder, here’s a definition of haiku:

I invite you to join me beginning April 1. Below I’ve posted a theme for each day in April.

April 1 – spring
April 2 – colors
April 3 – dogs
April 4 – cats
April 5 – life
April 6 – love
April 7 – flowers
April 8 – trees
April 9 – school
April 10 – books
April 11 – clouds
April 12 – water
April 13 – summer
April 14 – ocean
April 15 – children
April 16 -snow
April 17 – rain
April 18 -writing

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