Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea

I have lots of favorite Christmas carols, like “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” which I wrote about for Advent Day 3.

But a few days ago, I was thinking that there aren’t many new Christmas songs I like. Maybe it’s because of all the memories gathered over the decades of my life that were surrounded by the old standards.

But there are a couple of new Christmas songs I like, and one that always comes to mind is Chris Rea’s “Driving Home for Christmas.”

Its mix of words and melody brings back the feeling of trips home I’ve made–the anticipation of “getting my feet on the holy ground.”

Do you have a favorite contemporary Christmas song?

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2 Responses to Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea

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  2. I have quite a few, but I’d need to check the names. I sing alto with out praise team and really love it. One of the men and I are doing a different version of “Mary, Did You Know?” for Christmas service.



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