Focus on Perspective – Southern Writers Magazine

One of my favorite aspects of writing is perspective. Stories that capture my attention and make me want to keep reading are those that effectively tell the story through a character’s eyes, or, from a character’s perspective.

I also think perspective–or the ability to see through another’s eyes–is something we need to practice more in the real world.

In my article titled “Focus on Perspective” (September/October issue of Southern Writers Magazine,) I write about perspective and I’ve provided a couple of exercises to demonstrate.

Here’s a bit of a teaser.jan-morrill-promo-sw-sept-2016-2

The magazine, as always, is full of excellent articles with writing tips, author interviews, social media, etc. If you subscribe, the online issue is available now. I received my hard copy in the mail today.

If you don’t subscribe, click HERE and enjoy!

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