The Logical Reasons Behind My Emotional Vote



First, I’ll give you some context by telling you I’m a lifelong Republican, though admittedly, upon learning this, many of my friends and family look at me aghast and reply, “No way. You’re not a Republican.”

Next, I’ll confess that with the exception of presidential elections, I have sometimes voted straight down party lines, knowing little detail about the candidates, except that they profess to have Republican ideals.

The third thing I think you should know as you read this post is this: Had the Republican presidential nominee been just about anyone else, (with the possible exception of Ted Cruz), I probably would not be preparing to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton.

As I typed “cast my vote for Hillary Clinton,” voices of fellow Republicans shout in my head, “How can you vote for that liar?”

So, here’s how:

Donald Trump Lies (Too)

Lots of presidents have lied. And I don’t like it any more than anyone else that Hillary has lied. But what makes her so different from other candidates? Other presidents? Trump?

How can anyone call Hillary a liar and not Trump? Take a look at this Washington Post article, Trump versus Clinton: The Pinocchio Count So Far.

Frankly, I don’t care if Trump’s Pinocchio score is higher than Hillary’s. I believe, sadly, most people in the government lie, or at least spin. So, the fact that Hillary lies makes her no better or no worse than most of our politicians, and certainly no different from Trump. For that reason, honest/dishonesty is the least of my reasons I’ll vote for Hillary over Trump.

Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be president than Donald Trump

Another admission. In 2004, when Trump floated the possibility of running for president, I thought it might be a much-needed breath of fresh air to have a successful businessman run the country, someone not beholden to special interests, not jaded by the bureaucracy.

Of course, that was before I learned about some of the ways he’s defrauded others, had several businesses fail and/or file bankruptcy, and won’t release his tax returns. Some of what I’ve learned makes his image as a successful businessman dubious. And as far as his tax returns and what we don’t know–it makes me wonder what he’s hiding.

So, take away his ruse that he’ll run this country like he’s run his “successful” businesses, and I think that “”breath of fresh air” has gone stale. Add to that how uninformed he is– misstatements on world events, erroneous statements about the Constitution, where he gets his military advice–and I think he’s “woefully unprepared” to run this country.

Emperor Trump has no clothes. But he does have thin skin.

I’ll give Trump this much–he’s the media king. He knows how to “wear clothes that aren’t really there.” He knows how to play the media. But with very little “Googling” and fact-checking, it’s easy to see that much of what he presents is false.

As for his thin skin, he’ll attack (over and over and over) anyone who dares to disagree with, criticize, question or stand up to him. He can’t let it go, and he certainly can’t admit he’s wrong. Bad, bad qualities for our president. Here a few examples: (There have been so many, I can’t remember them all.)

When Mexico sends its people…

Megyn Kelly had blood coming from her–wherever. 

Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?

New York Times disabled reporter

Judge Gonzalo Curiel

Total ban on Muslims entering the United States

Khizr and Ghazala Khan

Fire Marshals

Hillary is the devil.

I am not writing this post to change anyone’s mind, though I’ll admit, I’d be happy if I did. I’m not writing to put anyone down or to be disrespectful. I have dear friends and family who at this time, plan to vote for Trump. I do my best to respect their decision.

During the primaries, people said Trump would act more presidential after he became the nominee. Now that he is the nominee, people say he’ll be more presidential when he’s elected.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

A presidential campaign is a candidate’s sales pitch, an audition–a period of time when he/she is at his/her shiny best.

I hear words roaring in my head again: “I like Trump’s authenticity!”

Well, I don’t. He is the most thin-skinned, egotistical, bigoted, misogynistic person I’ve ever seen and certainly not the example I want for any of us, especially our children.

He is so narcissistic, he actually believes “he alone” can fix this country. Those are the words of someone who wants to be king, not president.

Our divisiveness is one of the things that has led us to where we are today. We don’t need a divisive president. We need someone who will bring people together to fix what’s wrong with this country.

I can’t say that person is Hillary Clinton. But I know for sure, it’s NOT Trump.


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11 Responses to The Logical Reasons Behind My Emotional Vote

  1. Jan, you have written a well thought out and logical position on the state of the election. I commend your decision.

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  2. Jan, I love this post! I am at present still undecided as I continue to do my own research on all the candidates… Well, all except for “The Donald”. The only thing I am very clear on is that I will not vote for him. All the reasons you state above are also true to that part of my own decision.
    I commend and respect your decision and your candor.

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  3. Jan, kudos for a well-written piece. I feel the same way you do. I’d love for Americans to ban together and vote in a non-major party candidate but that’s just close to impossible. I’m also voting for Mrs Clinton. She will protect my body from government involvement (the far right wanting to over turn Roe vs Wade) and hopefully do some helping of our own citizens in need. Lord knows Obamacare needs help. Thanks for an enlightening blog entry! Miss you ~

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  5. Donna says:

    Thank you got working it out in your head then sharing it with the the rest of us.


  6. Donna says:

    Thank you for working it out in your head then sharing it with the rest of us.


  7. Shirley Lowry says:

    I so agree and thank you for saying it better than I could!!


  8. As a lifelong Democrat, my Dad was a workingman, I’ve voted in the presidential race out of my party on one occasion so it takes a strong candidate to stir me. Your points were well made, and all being equal it’s time we gave a woman the reins. Though I have my doubts she will be allowed to use her spurs because we all know by now that the president has very little power in our government. I just don’t want to listen to hatred spouted from the Oval office for the next four years.


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