The Magic of 1219

Today is 12/19, and I’d like to share with you why I think those numbers have a bit of magic:

The house where I spent most of my childhood, where my parents lived when I was born and where I lived when I graduated from high school, was 1219 Coolidge Street in Fairfield, California. Here’s a recent picture I found on Google Maps, but it looked a lot different back then–light green with purple hydrangea bushes in front of the house. And instead of a red sedan in the driveway, we had a dark green Colony Park station wagon and a Ford Condor motor home.


I used to climb that tree on the left, as high as I could get before the branches swaying in the wind made me nervous. I’d watch the world from up in that tree, and nobody knew I was watching.

My daughter was born on the 12th, and my son was born on the 19th. 1219.

jan and kids

My dad’s wife, Christiane, was born on 12/19. Happy birthday, Christiane!


And last, but certainly not least! My first grandchild, Tommy, was born on 12/19! Happy 2nd birthday, sweet Tommy!

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3 Responses to The Magic of 1219

  1. What are the odds, Jan??? I can see why these numbers seem magical to you. I hope you’re enjoying the countdown to Christmas. I know you’ll have a great Christmas because Christmas with a small child is the best Christmas of all. A big Christmas hug to Steve, too.



  2. Claudia says:

    Good numbers for you! That grandson has a darling face!


  3. Cousin Steve says:

    Happy 1219 Jan! Reading your blog entry this morning was a wonderful way to begin my day. As my cousin Ron would say “Coincidence? Hah – you decide!”


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