Month of Thanks Giving: Day 11 (Veterans Day)


Today, and every day, I’m grateful for the sacrifices made by veterans and their families. But, I’m also grateful for people who write about them, who help us to see through the eyes of the veterans and their families.

So today, I’d like to share the links to a few of their stories:



Pamela Foster is the author of several books, including My Life with a Wounded Warrior. She also has an entire blog dedicated to writing about veterans’ issues, Wounded Warrior Wife. Her husband is a veteran.

Defining Terms

For me, a warrior is someone who has found a way, reached within themselves and found a power most of us don’t even know exists, to walk through horror and come out the other side alive. I, personally, never use the word warrior for anyone but a combat veteran.~~Pamela Foster




Kathleen M. Rodgers is the author of the novels The Final Salute (featured in USA Today) and Johnnie Come Lately (featured on “The Author’s Corner on Public Radio) and Seven Wings to Glory.

CNN Reporter Ashley Fantz Interviews Author Kathleen M. Rodgers about US Troops Staying in Afghanistan Past 2016

We both lived in crippling fear every second of every day that the notification team would show up on our doorstep and change our lives forever.~~Kathleen M. Rodgers


Mustang Koji’s blog, Masako and Spam Musubi, is filled with stories of World War II. His stories are seen through the eyes of both Americans and Japanese, as “twists of fate and world events can put siblings on opposite sides of a fence.” Many of his posts honor veterans, such as one of my favorites:

A Humbling Easter Sunday

As any great lady from that period does, she thanked me over and over for taking her to see her husband, especially on Easter Sunday, while crying.  I said to her that Mr. Johnson and Old Man Jack could never forget the horrors from combat but they were the greatest human beings – because they learned to forgive – and that it was an honor she asked ME… an American of Japanese descent, to escort her to visit with her husband.~~Mustang Koji

And here are a few of my stories:


Recognizing Sacrifice

True Cost

Unhyphenated Patriots

Uncle Yoshio’s Honor

Thank you to all of our veterans and their loved ones, too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these, Jan.


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  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    Did I miss this post since I was away??


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