Month of Thanks Giving: Day 10 (Plethora)

Even when I’m down to my last ten minutes before it’s time to get ready for work, (I had chores to do this morning!) I can think of things for which I’m grateful. But with little time to write, I thought today, I’d make a list instead.


  1. Today isn’t Monday. TGINM!
  2. and its associated!
  3. A closet so full of clothes I have to stare at it for five minutes before daring to attempt to decide on what to wear.
  4. Ninety minutes of quiet in the morning before the world goes haywire.
  5. Cooler weather.
  6. A hot bagel with butter.

Okay, I’d better go stare at my closet now. Have a good day!

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3 Responses to Month of Thanks Giving: Day 10 (Plethora)

  1. I can relate to all but the bagel – but that’s only because I prefer croissants! 🙂

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