Coffee Contemplation #4: A Month of Thanks Giving


My friend, Koji Kanemoto, posted the above photo on Facebook and talked about November being “Thankful Challenge” month, when, each day, we should post about something for which we are thankful.

Though most nights before I go to sleep, I reflect on those things, I don’t often post about them. And, there’s a good chance I won’t post something every day in November, but I’m going to give it a try.

Today, I’m thankful that there’s always an opportunity to see the glass half-full.

Since returning to work, I’ve noticed, especially on Mondays, when it’s time to begin the work week again, to return to an office of people I hardly know to perform tasks still new to me, I miss “my people” (aka, my old and familiar friends) and my writing world.

I feel the desire to climb back under my security blanket of friends I love, who know me so well, and urge to discover things about my characters who, if they don’t suit my tastes, I can simply re-write or edit out of my story.

That’s the glass half-empty.

The glass half-full is that I have a great job where I work with high-energy, friendly people. I have the opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills. I have a regular paycheck for the first time in twelve years.

And there are even benefits to my writerly world. With my writing time being much more limited than it was when I was home all day with all the time in the world to write, I cherish and appreciate my writing time more, and make better use of it. I’ve written more in the last few weeks than I did in the months prior to getting my job. I was burned out on having too much time.

The other benefit? With all the new people in my world now, just think of the opportunities to create new characters. 🙂

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2 Responses to Coffee Contemplation #4: A Month of Thanks Giving

  1. How about a little more “show, don’t tell” for your many friends. Otherwise I and others must fall back on stereotypes to envision your present situation. For instance I see you as the Joan Harris (née Holloway) (Christina Hendricks) of the Mad Men office.

    But I hear you are employed in the real estate industry. That leads to a depiction of you as the nascent Donald Trump of Dallas.

    Please elucidate lest our speculations grow wild!


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