Coffee Contemplation #3: Puppy Dogs and Babies

I fell last night. Over a baby gate. Down, down, down I tumbled in the darkness, after stubbing my toe at the base of the gate.

“WTF?” I thought to myself, though I didn’t use the acronym. “Oh, yeah. The baby gate.”

You may ask why I have a baby gate up in the hallway in the middle of the night. No, I wasn’t babysitting my sweet grandson, Tommy.

It’s because we have a new puppy! We brought him into our home–our cats’ home–a month ago, and we the cats are still adjusting. I had the brilliant idea of putting the baby gate up in the hallway so the cats could have a little peace (especially while eating) in the back part of the house.


And so, when, just before bed, I had to check to make sure the front door was locked just one more time, I took what felt like a very slow motion plunge (I recall thinking, “Let’s get this over with already–just HIT THE GROUND!) to the hardwood floor.

It hurt so much I couldn’t hold back the tears, especially when Steve put his arms around me and asked “Are you okay?”

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve cried over a fall?

As I climbed into bed post-fall, I decided we need to add a night light in the hallway–not for Tommy, but for Grandma–along with the baby gate for the puppy.

With my toe and knees throbbing, I drifted to sleep and wondered how sore I’d be in the morning. But now, as I sip my first cup of coffee, I’m just fine–only a little sore on my knobby knees. I’m grateful for that.

And yes, for Obi, too.

IMG_5956 (1)


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5 Responses to Coffee Contemplation #3: Puppy Dogs and Babies

  1. Linda Apple says:

    Aaack! If it had been me, the house would have shook! It is strange how a fall turns into slo-mo isn’t it? Well, ‘m happy you didn’t break anything. Love you.


  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    Bwahaha!!! Loved the story…and the last pic!!!!


  3. Beautiful puppy. Congratulations on your new little family member 🙂 Glad you did not do any permanent damage!
    Yes, falls always seem to go in slow-mo. On my 50th birthday this year, I was taking a shower before we headed out to the pub for a special meal. My balance went – balance is NOT my strong suit – and what must have been just a few seconds felt like hours! I was absolutely fine. My dignity hurt more than my body, thankfully, and the poor faucet on the bath broke… although I for the life of me do not remember hitting it, (must have been faulty to begin with 😉 ). But, yes, I understand the slow-mo. thing perfectly!
    A nightlight is a great idea. We, too, have a baby gate for the dogs – damage limitation for night times, or when we have guests the darlings are not yet used to. Not that they do any damage, just a precaution 🙂
    Tommy is getting big!! Where does the time go?


  4. Julie james says:

    Glad you’re okay, Jan. I didn’t have the guts to write about my fall….out of the bathtub!!! NWAWW met me with my arm in a sling 🙂


  5. Glad you weren’t badly hurt, Jan. Getting around in the dark is fine, as long as you remember what’s where. 😦 A night light sounds like a good idea.



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