Coffee Contemplation #1

IMG_7421 (2)Now that I’m in my third week of my first 8-5 job in twelve years, I’m still trying to adjust to the collapse of free time I had in my pre-job life. One significant thing that has been greatly impacted is my time to write, including blog posts.

This morning, I thought I’d start a Coffee Contemplation–a short, very short, sweet (or perhaps not!) post of what I’m thinking about as I drink my first cup of coffee.

I seriously doubt I’ll post something daily–my thoughts just aren’t that interesting. But, we’ll see.

Here’s #1:

Tonight is the CNN Republican Debate, and because Steve and I have dinner plans with friends, we won’t be home. So, I’ve set my DVR. With this debate, as well as with the last, I hope Donald Trump’s “performance” (and I believe that’s what it is) will open the eyes of many of his supporters.

I hope he says something (IMHO, he already has–many times) to make his supporters realize they don’t want this man representing them as our president.

And I hope he does it SO quickly and completely it’ll make their heads spin.

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4 Responses to Coffee Contemplation #1

  1. Dear Jan,

    I’m with you. As a Republican, I’m horrified at the thought of Trump being our choice.

    Best wishes on your 8-5 job. I hope it’s one you enjoy.




  2. Jan,
    Best wishes on your new job. I know it can be hard to do an 8-5 and find creative time.
    As a Democrat, I am just hoping that Trump stays in the lead…..
    I do agree that it is a performance.


  3. Anonymous says:

    we dont need another bush or clinton the whole idea has become corrupt!


  4. All the best with the job, Jan. I’m working two nine+hour days a week (with an occasional half Saturday) and have found it really cuts into the time I have to do anything. Still doing a blog post a day, but with more photography and less writing.



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