My Visit with The Literary Ladies

Thank you, Camille Faye, for inviting me to be a guest on The Literary Ladies, a blog great content by several authors. Camille (AKA Spirit Lady on The Literary Ladies,) is the author of Voodoo Butterfly.

Here’s an excerpt from my guest blog. Please read the full post HERE.

cc2How often do you stare at a blank screen, pulling your hair out, gritting your teeth as you curse your muse? Maybe you’ve even crossed over into guzzling coffee (or martinis?) because you can’t figure out what to write next?

It used to happen far too often with me. Then, one day, rather than trying to figure out the story myself, I began to ask my characters to help me, to tell me their secrets, their stories. Granted, to a non-writer, talking to my characters may sound a little crazy. But if you’re a writer, I hope the techniques I’ve developed over the years will help you discover stories through your characters.

In my new book, Creative Characterization, I list six different methods and eight associated exercises to help writers develop characters who will tell secrets and stories that will keep readers turning the pages to discover more.

Today, I’ll talk about two of methods. I’ve used both many times, and each time, I’ve learned something about the character or plot that I didn’t know before. (NOTE: Be sure to take at least 15 minutes to do the exercises. The longer you take, the more you’ll learn.)

Click HERE to go to The Literary Ladies‘ blog to read the full post with a description of the two methods. (There are six methods in my new book, Creative Characterization, now available in both print and Kindle on Amazon!)

Creative Characterization (Paperback, $8.95 on Amazon)

Creative Characterization (Kindle, $3.99 on Amazon)

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