IMG_6568Today was a sunny day. A glorious, sunny, blue-skied day. So, after weeks of gray skies and rain, I decided to take a walk. As I stepped outside into the cool air–so completely unusual for Dallas at the end of May–I thought about how much more I appreciate the sunshine after so much rain. I should never take a sunny day for granted, but, of course, I do.

Perhaps because I’m a writer, I often look at things in a metaphorical sense. And, perhaps because I’ve felt this strange and unusual sadness lately, as I walked today, I compared happiness to sunshine and sadness to rain.

As the rain makes us appreciate sunshine, does sadness make us appreciate happiness?

I’m rarely sad, so I’ve thought a lot about why I feel this way now–my life is good and I feel very blessed in so many ways. So why would I be sad?

I’m pretty sure it has to do with the losses in my life over the last several months. Well, heck. It’s actually been over the last two and a half years:

  • The end of my second marriage
  • The loss of my two beloved dogs
  • Moving three times
  • The distance between dear friends
  • The deaths of my mom, my uncle and a good friend within six weeks

The thing is, this is the first consistent period of time in the last few years where there’s been enough peace and quiet to feel and contemplate these losses.

It will pass, just as the rain has passed.

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2 Responses to Sunlight

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    I would have collapsed into a crevice enduring what you have… You are a strong person…


  2. frog5 says:

    4th Most Emailed:
    Surviving an Alcoholic –


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