One Last Thought

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In a book of writing prompts I have, today’s prompt is:

One last thought . . .

Pretty appropriate for the last day of 2014, so here’s my stream of consciousness writing:

One Last Thought for the Year

If I can only write about one last thought, shall that thought be about memories of the past year? Or shall I write about my hopes for 2015?

Tommy and tree (3)If I were to summarize 2014 in my last thought, I would think about how full and rich my year has been. Filled with days of experiencing life through Tommy’s eyes, appreciation that I’ve been given another chance at the joy of playing with a child, (I’ve always regretted that I didn’t take the time to “play” more often with my own children) and the freshness of learning new things long ago taken for granted.

steve and janBut I’d also have to write about all the ways Steve and I have grown together, how amazed I am that with all the changes and stresses in our lives in the last year, we survived them with hardly an argument, but with compromise, all the while learning new things about ourselves and each other.

Obviously, reflecting on 2014 would be one long, last thought.

So, what about writing about my hopes and goals for 2015? It’d be pretty much the same thing I wrote for on the eve of 2014:

  • To take better care of myself
  • To eat better
  • To exercise more
  • To meditate to clear my mind

I’d make writing goals again, of course. Hopefully I’d be more successful in 2015 than I was in 2014. Here are my writing goals from 2014, with a graphic to indicate which ones were completed:

  • Finish Life: Haiku by Haiku in January. 🙂 (I finished it in March, but I’ll take it!)
  • Finish Mo’s Shadow and publish in February. 😦 (I did add about ten pages, but it’s not finished.)
  • Work at least one hour a day on the sequel to The Red Kimono. 😦
  • Get programs ready for OWFI and AWC. 🙂

50% success rate–not so good. I think I need to set more measurable goals for 2015, so it looks like that would best be accomplished in a separate blog post. Again, not a good one for my last thought.

That leaves me with now. Right now. So, what am I think about right now? Gratitude for this moment. Because no matter what happens before or after, this present moment–the sound of a clock ticking, the scent of coffee, feeling healthy and happy–that’s all there really is. Now.

The past is past, and thankfully filled with happy memories. The future is, well, obviously hard to predict and plan too much for.

So, my last thought for 2014, whether it’s now or at 11:59 tonight, is gratitude.

What is your last thought for 2014?

Happy New Year!

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12 Responses to One Last Thought

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    It does look like it was a good year for you, Jan, emotionally and professionally! Omedeto! I wish the best for you and your growing family in 2015! Still looking forward to the sequel! 🙂


  2. Happy New Year, Jan! I’ve been working on meditation as well–so beautifully rewarding.


  3. ruthie says:

    I have no last thought, Gypsy Jan. Wonder what that means?


  4. My last thought is how richly I’ve been blessed, no matter how much I write or accomplish. My blog is tilted a bit more toward photography right now, but I still write and am planning to do a bit more of that in the new year. I’ve been blessed to travel quite a lot in 2014 and it was wonderful. Life will be changing this year, so we’ll see where that goes. All the best to you and Steve in the new year.



    • Jan Morrill says:

      Yes, Janet, following you on your blog and on Facebook, it does look like 2014 was a blessed year for you. And I hope, even with changes, 2015 will be filled with new things to spark more creativity, as well as much happiness.


      • Thanks, Jan. I hope I’ll get to see you and Steve again in 2015, too. Of all your resolutions, I hope the sequel is one that is accomplished, as I’m looking forward to reading it. 🙂



  5. Kim says:

    My last thought is that I’m always amazed at human capacity. It was an emotionally extreme year and so many people I know came through it for the better, despite how big their obstacles seemed. I enter 2015 with a calm, wisdom, and sense-that-everything-is-going-to-be-ok that I haven’t had for many years. Happy New Year!


    • Jan Morrill says:

      Kim, it seems some of my hardest times have made me stronger, especially when I can try to find what lesson arose from the difficulty. We do have a huge capacity to be resilient. I hope 2015 will continue to give you peace, calm and wisdom!


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