Ghosts of Halloween Past

gogojan (4)As I anticipate my grandson, Tommy’s, first Halloween, I perused my old scrapbooks for old Halloween pictures. Remembering those fun days made me smile.

rbtnnt I was one of those moms who didn’t want to just go to a store and buy a costume. Oh no! That would have been too easy. Even if Andi and Adam had begged me to buy a Rainbow Brite or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume from K-Mart, I had to be creative and make one.

Let me just say, some of them didn’t turn out the way I’d envisioned, and I will be forever grateful to my kids for being good sports about it–at least outwardly. (The one that really comes to mind is Adam’s Bart Simpson costume, where I spray-painted his spiked hair yellow, and cut ping pong balls in half for eyeballs.)

img005 (2)

So, here’s my gallery of memories. What Tommy will be for Halloween is a surprise that I’ll post later. But, we’ve been practicing a certain growl for weeks now. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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