Aha Moments

When we open ourselves, it heals us and it heals the other person, too. ~~Pamela Foster


Few people are as talented in “opening” up as Pamela Foster, and though she writes and speaks about a variety of topics, I believe she is most gifted in talking about PTSD.

Recently, she recorded a 30-second spot for Mutual of Omaha’s Aha Moment Tour. She is now a Top 10 Finalist and could use your vote to continue to move up in the ranks. And, it’s important to note that you can vote once a day.

I’ve voted every day, not because Pamela is a very good friend of mine, but because I believe PTSD and our veterans are two very important causes that, unfortunately, in today’s news cycle, are too often forgotten.

Pamela will not let people forget. Instead she opens her heart, and her husband, Jack, “allows” her to share very personal stories. (Though, knowing Pamela, “allow” is probably not the best word I could have used.) My point is, both Pamela and Jack know the value of being painfully honest to get the story out there. And as the quote above says, their opening themselves “heals the other person, too.”

Please vote and vote every day until October 10. It only takes 30 seconds. All you have to do is click on the following link, watch the video, then click the orange “VOTE” button in the lower right-hand corner.


Thank you!

If you’ve had an “Aha” moment you’d like to share, please leave a comment!

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5 Responses to Aha Moments

  1. Saw it, liked it, voted. Thanks for sharing, Jan.



  2. Mendy Knott says:

    Being familiar with PTSD in a personal way, and having recently lost a fellow poet and former combat soldier to the dark sider of post traumatic stress, I voted and will continue to vote for your friend.

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