The Storm Before the Calm

moving1As some of you may have noted, I have not been a very good blogging girl in the last few months. My life has been a storm of activity, with marketing The Red Kimono, finishing up my term with Ozarks Writers League and most of all, preparing for my move to Dallas in November.

I’ve decided to call this period “the storm before the calm.”

moving2I need order in my life, perhaps because of the chaos I grew up with. And now, with packing and preparing to leave Fayetteville, my life is in a bit of disorder. Heck. It’s in A LOT of disorder. Though I am very much looking forward to new changes in my life–becoming a grandma, developing new relationships, discovering new places–there’s much unknown, which is a kind of chaos.

Scariest of all is leaving the very dear friends I’ve made in this area. It takes a long time to build such friendships, and I will miss them greatly.

But again, stormy though this time feels, I know the calm will follow. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


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14 Responses to The Storm Before the Calm

  1. patlaster says:

    Godspeed. You will make new friends (and keep the old) and before long, you’ll feel as tho you belonged there.


  2. Change is good. At least that’s what I tell myself. (ha). Jan Morrill you will do fine. You are strong woman. Embrace the change.


  3. Jo Ann Wardein says:

    Jan – You are in my thoughts and prayers…leaving IS chaotic and scary…you are such a warm and wonderful person, though, that you will make friends and develop community quickly…plus, your heart will be wrapped around that grandbaby! Blessings!


  4. Plus, how are you going to leave with Ruth clinging to your leg yelling, “NO, NO, don’t go.”
    She speaks for us all, of course. You’re our treasure and we’ll miss seeing you so often. At the same time, nothing makes us happier than your happiness. Go with God. We’ll be tearing up the road between Fayetteville and Dallas.


  5. ‘Storm before the calm’–I’ll be stealing that line


  6. Have a blessed adventure and don’t forget all of us who “knew you when….” Thanks for all the gifts you’ve shared with us.


  7. Bob Marler says:

    Hang in there Jan. It will be over before you know it. Save some work for us at Thanksgiving time.


  8. There will be calm again, Jan. In August, we sold our house and because of a variety of circumstances, had to be packed and moved in 8 days. This is from a large four-bedroom house with an attic, basement and lots of storage space and 28 years of 2-4 people. Part of that time, it was just me as well. But we made it and I’m now finishing putting away boxes and things in a much, much smaller house. You can do it!! The end result is worth it. 🙂

    Look forward to meeting you in person next month!



  9. Mary Coley says:

    I love your title, too. – Storm before the Calm. I have felt that too when making major transitions. My thoughts are with you, Jan. Best of luck and happy adventure. Hope you’ll call next time your in Tulsa. Remember, I’m not far from your Mom!


  10. Jan, I wish you all the best as you travel into your new life. There’s nothing like that first grandchild and you’ll be amazed at the emotions that constantly erupt when you hold that sweet baby. It’s been wonderful knowing you and hearing you read from your exquisite writing. Keep in touch.


  11. Beth Carter says:

    I’m sure the disorder is driving you crazy but you still carry on in such an orderly, organized way that no one would guess about the storm.You always impress me.

    We will all miss you but know it’s definitely not good-bye. We will stay in touch and see one another often. You have much excitement ahead! I’m happy for you, but like Ruth, am tempted to cling onto your leg.


  12. rgayer55 says:

    I loved the title. Remember, all of us here are just a click away. I’ll still be following your blog and sending you an email funny from time to time. I have a feeling you’ll find plenty of happiness in your new locale.


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