A Visit to Donna’s Book Pub



Thank you to Donna Volkennant for inviting me to be a guest at her “pub,” where I shared some of my “outside-the-box” ways that I “talk” to my characters. Non-writers might think I’m a little cuckoo, but I know my writer friends will understand. 🙂


Here’s an excerpt:

Most writers have heard the rule, “Show, don’t tell.” To me, that means tell the story through the character, using not only his senses, but his voice.

So how can a writer make his characters fuller, richer? I have several methods I use and I’ve listed my two favorites below. These exercises have also helped me break through periods of writer’s block:

1) Interview your characters.

2) Write a letter to your character, or better yet, write a letter from one of your characters to another one of your characters.

For the full “tell all” on how to get to know your characters better, click on the following link to go to Donna’s blog:


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One Response to A Visit to Donna’s Book Pub

  1. Janice Heck says:

    Jan, Thought you might like to see the review of The Red Kimono on my blog.http://janiceheck.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/wanafriday-red-is-for-the-red-kimono/


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