#AtoZChallenge: R is for Rohwer and Rocks

I clear my mind by stacking rocks.


Day 18 of the A to Z Challenge is the letter “R”:

R is for Rohwer and Rocks

I’ll write about the really important “R” topic first – Rohwer Relocation Center. Rohwer is the internment camp that my characters, Sachi and Nobu were “relocated” to in The Red Kimono. Last week, I was honored to attend the dedication of the new WWII Japanese American Internment Museum in McGehee, Arkansas, the city closest to the site of the Rohwer internment camp site.


It was the second time I’d visited McGehee and the Rohwer site. The first time was a few years ago, when I was doing research for The Red Kimono. Then, it was a desolate plot of land in the middle of nowhere, with a couple of monuments and several grave markers. I wrote about my visit and the secrets I learned here, in a post called

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