Here are some discussion questions for The Red Kimono.


I’ve just added a “Book Club” button with discussion questions for The Red Kimono. I look forward to reading some of your answers! I’d also be interested to read any other discussion questions you might suggest.

If you’d like me to discuss The Red Kimono with your book club, (I’d be thrilled!) please provide me details about your club via the contact form here.

  1. The Red Kimono gives readers an intimate view of how prejudice and racism affects the lives of three young Americans during World War II. What did you learn about this era that you didn’t already know?
  2. The three main characters are Sachi, Nobu and Terrence. What are the similarities of their experiences? What are the differences in how each of them dealt with those experiences? What did each of them learn about themselves?
  3. Morrill uses haiku to summarize important events at the…

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  1. patlaster says:

    I’ve saved the discussion in my favorites for when I read the book. Thanks.


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