WallisI just watched an interview on CBS Sunday Morning with the young, magical actress of Beasts of the Southern Wild, Miss Quevenzhané Wallis. When I watched Beasts a few months ago, I was awed by her performance as “Hush Puppy.” After seeing this interview, I am even more in awe of her as a person. Though only nine-years old (she was only SIX when she starred as Hush Puppy,) she has a sparkling wisdom I seldom see.

I must admit, all I could think as I watched was, “She’s Jubie!” Well, okay, that thought was surrounded by thoughts of “If only, if only, if only.”

She is exactly how I imagined Jubie Lee Franklin in my mind as I wrote The Red Kimono. Sassy, sweet, wise beyond her years. So of course, I couldn’t help thinking, if ONLY someone would write a screenplay and produce Red Kimono, The Movie

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