#FlashFiction #Fictioneers: Ice Princess

I love this photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. When crystals form on my window, I find my magnifying glass and study them, amazed at the unique design of each. This time of year, I love the anticipation of winter. But, ask me about it again in February.

This week, I wrote a tanka. It is similar to a haiku, but slightly longer, with a 5-7-5-7-7- form. For a variety of great flash fiction shorts, click here.

And feel free to leave a link to your story in your comments!

copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Winter blows a brisk
breath across my window.
Her crystals sparkle on
a soft, white carpet rolled out
to announce her arrival.

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32 Responses to #FlashFiction #Fictioneers: Ice Princess

  1. Paul says:

    I am totally stuck on this prompt. No ides at all. But maybe because I’m trying to concentrate on NaNoWriMo, which seems to be getting the better of me. Love the combination of your tanka with the photo. It works beautifully


  2. boomiebol says:

    Beatiful…i agree with you on this photo, and i am so glad you did a tanka…there is just something about the image that scream poems. Nicely done


  3. What a gorgeous haiku, Jan. It brings me back to childhood days, standing in the sun room in Minnesota as winter set in. (Ironically, my high school had an ice princess fest. ;))

    I’m so glad Mike Miller directed me here, and to you.


    • Jan Morrill says:

      Thank you, August! This photo demanded a haiku of me. Sometimes I find haiku easier than writing 100 words. Thank you also for following my blog! I’m glad Mike put us in touch, too!


  4. rgayer55 says:

    Beautiful, Jan. I’m not that familiar with this form, but I like what you did with it.


  5. Hi Jan,
    “Blows a brisk breath,” great phrasing. Isn’t it about time for you to put out a book of your poetry? Ron


  6. Lora says:

    Lovely tanka, Jan. I love your idea of using a magnifying glass. We had crystal sleet freezing on my window two days ago thanks to our 1-day Nor’easter. My cat was fascinated. Next time, I will look thru my magnifying glass as well. Tks for the tip.


  7. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Jan,

    I love where your winter wind takes us.




  8. tedstrutz says:

    That was nice, Jan. I was not familiar with a Tanka. Now I am.


  9. Very lovely take on my office window. I love it that our titles are similar yet our takes diverse.


    • Jan Morrill says:

      Thanks, Rochelle. And thank you for a thought-provoking prompt. That’s what I love about the Fictioneers — the variety of stories on the same prompt. You’re doing a great job!


  10. brudberg says:

    Lovely tanka, I have a lot of respect for that poetry. Tried a little myself, and I think poetry would fit the prompt very well. Lovely.


  11. keliwright says:

    If you like snowflakes, check out Kenneth Libbrecht. He captures them with microphotography. Beautiful. Your tanka makes me nostalgic for the truly snowy winters I experienced in Utah and Colorado.


  12. Jan Morrill says:

    Reblogged this on Life: Haiku by Haiku and commented:

    I wrote this tanka (5-7-5-7-7) as a flash fiction for this photo prompt.


  13. JackieP says:

    Really nice. I don’t do poetry cus I stink at it. But I love reading it. πŸ™‚


  14. I don’t do poetry either, but I admire those who can. Good job.


  15. Tom Poet says:

    A lovely tanka… This photo prompt screams poetry for sure.



  16. patlaster says:

    Interesting that you say the only poetry you can do is/are haiku and tanka. May I be so bold as to ask where you received your “training,” “inspiration,” etc. Do you have any favorite haiku poets? Have you submitted to Modern Haiku or joined the Haiku Society? I am also a haiku/senryu/tanka/cinquain poet.


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