#FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction: Solitude

This week’s photo prompt is by Raina Ng.ย Something about it brought a sense of peace, and reminded me of morning, my favorite time of day.

To read more stories inspired by Raina’s photo, click here to visit Madison Woods’ blog.

Copyright Raina Ng

Soft light of morning

A scent of coffee greets me

Quiet solitude

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48 Responses to #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction: Solitude

  1. It’s not often that I say this about hiakus, but that is a truly lovely piece.


  2. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Jan,

    A ghost in the machine is refusing to let me ‘like’ each successive post. Rest assured that I do love your moring haiku.




  3. rich says:

    and that can carry more meaning that 100 words.


  4. Russell says:

    Mornings are my favorite too, Jan. Rich is right. You said more in 15 words than most of us can cram in 100.


  5. Tom Poet says:

    Morning solitude and coffee…my favorite time of the day.


  6. Hi Jan,
    Amazing how much you can say in so few words. Just beautiful! Ron


  7. That’s lovely. I’ve only recently ‘discovered’ haiku – and how wonderful they are to write – so thank you for reminding me that evocative writing needs few syllables.

    We’re here, if you’d like to visit: http://www.lazuli-portals.com/flash-fiction/left-behind


  8. elmowrites says:

    Great writing, Jan. Yuo say so much in those few words and conjure a real sense of peace and contentment


  9. Raina says:



  10. Parul says:

    I got transported to a bright and quiet morning reading this.
    Tranquil and peaceful! Lovely haiku.


  11. Nice haiku, and it fits the image so well!


  12. kdmccrite2 says:

    Sweet and gentle. Just want I need today. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.


    • Jan Morrill says:

      I can see why you needed sweet and gentle after reading yours, K.D. ๐Ÿ™‚ Whew — I got tired just reading about all that cleaning. Once again, however, I’m not sure if my comment is awaiting approval, or if it went to spam, but it didn’t come up on your blog. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Rest assured, however, I loved it — especially that last line!


  13. Love the smell of coffee even though I drink tea. ๐Ÿ™‚ After a long drive today , this relaxed me. Thanks.


  14. I loved this. I’m not very good at writing haikus, which means I respect all the more people who actually can write them! Thank you for this little sea of calm.

    Here’s mine


  15. John Hardy Bell says:

    Love the haiku Jan! The quiet solitude of morning is truly a wonderful thing! And the coffee doesn’t hurt either! ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. Coffee is my favorite part of morning. You painted a picture with few words.


  17. Beth Carter says:

    Beautiful haiku, as always. And I’m right there with you about coffee (mornings not so much!) I’m finally back on board after nearly two months. http://banterwithbeth.blogspot.com


  18. You’ve captured perfectly what I love about mornings when I don’t oversleep ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. vbholmes says:

    Such a luxury to breathe in the scent of coffee as you quietly watch the sun rise before the morning’s activity begins. You’ve eloquently captured that precious time.


  20. Such a powerful three sentences. Says it all. Although I’d rather have the scent of Earl Grey Tea.


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