How I Have Missed Thee, Rain

Rain, rain. How have I missed thee? Let me count the ways:

I have missed  your pitter patter on my roof top

watching all living things refreshed and alive again

listening to the melody of droplets trickling down the spout beside my bed

the scent of wet earth

cheering for raindrops that race each other down a window pane

the feel of cool kisses on my skin

jumping and splashing in a puddle and feeling like a child again

all of the memories your return brings to me

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6 Responses to How I Have Missed Thee, Rain

  1. Russell says:

    The only good thing I can say about drought is how much it makes us appreciate the rain. Beautifully written, Jan.


  2. Linda Apple says:

    On a cool fall day
    Sipping a mug of spiced tea
    Enjoying the rain

    Inspired by Jan. 🙂


  3. So nice. Only our cat is dismayed by getting wet paws. She sleeps until this strange wet deluge ceases so she can go into the yard again and chase lizards and dig up moles.


  4. Linda Apple says:

    Velda, if there were a thumbs up button, I’d click it for Bobbi. 😉


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  6. Linda Joyce says:

    I always enjoy your poetry.


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