Monday Mashup: 8/13/12

A creative combination
or mixing of content
from different sources.


Saturday, several of my writer friends and I got together at the farm to learn about WordPress. Here’s some of what we accomplished:

  • Transferred Blogger blogs to WordPress blogs.
  • Started WordPress blogs from scratch.
  • Entered posts, including photos and links.
  • Learned about Pages. (Here’s one of mine.)
  • Chose themes.
  • Entered widgets and created text widgets.
  • Posted blog post links to Facebook and Twitter. (Click here for my Facebook Author Page. Click here for my Twitter Home Page.)

That’s why I love lists. It really looks like we accomplished a lot, eh?

How was your writerly week?

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We all have words that confuse us. My “favorite” is lie vs. lay. In the post, “Confusing Words” by Rachelle Gardner, she provides clarification on several. Also, her fans (including me) provide several others in their comments.

What words do you confuse?

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Ebook vs. Print News:

Photo courtesy JanetBoyerWrites
WANA Commons (Flickr)

Often when I’m talking with writers, the conversation drifts to the topic of ebooks. And those discussions usually include concerns over the demise of print books. The Writer Beware blog post, “Ebooks Outsell Print: Putting Headlines in Context,” by author, Victoria Strauss, does exactly that — puts the news into context by showing how statistics can be manipulated.

At this time, I read most of my books on Kindle. But I must say, when I do read a print book, it’s like coming home. Reading a Kindle over a “real” book is like putting my feet in front of an electric floor heater vs. a wood-burning fireplace. So, I was happy to read Ms. Strauss’s conclusion:

“…I think print books and ebooks will co-exist relatively peaceably for some time to come…Amazon statistics notwithstanding.”

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AuthorMedia often has excellent articles on how to grow your platform, but I thought the post, “10 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans This Week” was especially packed with useful information, since most of us use Facebook and need hints on how to improve its effectiveness in marketing. My favorite was #3: Create Sharable Images. What an easy and fun way to hopefully bring more fans to my author page! And once there, maybe they’ll “LIKE” it. 🙂


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“I shut my eyes
in order to see.”
                                           -Paul Gauguin

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Thank you!

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5 Responses to Monday Mashup: 8/13/12

  1. Shoot! Missed a chance to acquire some more books Friday:
    Wanted, Dead or Alive: Used Books


  2. Jan, once again I find your Mash-up full of helpful information. How I would’ve loved to attend your workshop!


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