I want to say I never get into political discussions online. They often turn too nasty too quickly. But I can’t say “never,” because yesterday on Facebook, I wrote two, timid words:




And believe it or not, those two little words started a bit of a firestorm. Here are the comments:


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Comment #1: Looks like 4 more years. . .


Comment #2: Satan – Devil?


Comment #3: Ah, come on. Let’s not call names.


ME: Be nice, please. 🙂 I think we can disagree, even with passion, but I also think we can do it with respect.


Comment #4: With respect, Ryan is anti-women, anti-middle class, and old people.


Comment #5: Wow. Just. Wow. Well Obama hates rainbows. Prove he doesn’t.


Comment #6: This country is in horrible shape with a trillion…

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  1. A good thread. The way we discuss things is more about knowledge than politics. This is what I like about the internet: It levels the playing field for the sharing of knowledge for those who re interested.


    • Jan Morrill says:

      Jacqui, I agree that the internet has been a valuable source of a wealth of timely information. At times, however, I think it has contributed to the problem, but giving some people a means of bullying, disagreeing with disrespect, etc., because it’s “easier” to do so when you don’t have to face the person.


  2. I was thinking last night, it’s no wonder we’re always at war with foreign nations. We fight amongst ourselves with regularity, how could we possible hope to get along with other cultures?


  3. Jan Morrill says:

    So true, Velda. Not sure what the solution is, but I often wonder how and when things will begin to turn around.


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